How To Use Your Admin Area

In your admin section, you can add users, add projects, and assign users to projects. To use your admin area, you must first create a user. A user must be added prior to being assigned to a project. Users will log in from the client area of the website and be able to view the projects that they have been assigned. Only project files assigned to the currently logged in user will be displayed for download.

Adding Users

A user must be added before they can be assigned to a project. In addition, that project must already be created before they can be assigned to that project. The user can also be assigned to mulitple projects, but they will only be able to view the projects they are assigned to. When deleting a user, after confirming the action, it cannot be undone e.g. user is gone and must be re-created.

Adding Projects

When you add a new project, new files can be uploaded or existing files can be assigned to the new project. Once the project is added, you can assign users to that project and they will be able to view those files. When deleting a project, only that project and associated file(s) are deleted, not the user it is assigned to.